Permanent exhibition


How can you best discover the world of Bayer? On this interactive tour of our exciting InfoSpaces, ScienceExplorer and LifeExplorer – fun and excitement guaranteed!

Follow us on an exciting journey to the core of our company. We’ll show you what thrives us, where we come from, what we achieve, what we engage in, what we research, and what our future visions are.

Experience in our TeamWork InfoSpace how we work together at Bayer, what inspires us, where in the world we operate, and what distinguishes us as an employer.

Get to know us in detail at our Identity InfoSpace, see some interesting exhibits from our long history, and find out about our engagement in the fields of sport, culture, sustainability and art.

Twitter, Facebook or Youtube? In our Media InfoSpace you’ll find your very own way to network with us.

Dive into the secrets of life and science with our LifeExplorer and ScienceExplorer.

Be creative and work with us on the innovative front in our Collaboration Studio. Slip into the skin of an 80-year-old and find out what the world feels and looks like from this perspective.

Visit our exhibition during our opening hours Monday to Friday from 10:00 am 18:00 pm. The entrance is free.